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About Tokyo Keiki

Tokyo Keiki Inc. 
2-16-46 Minami-Kamata
Ohta-Ku, Tokyo 144-8551
+81 33 732-2111
+81 33 736-0261 (fax)


3452 East Foothill Boulevard, Suite 420, Pasadena, CA 91107

(626) 403-1500 (ext. 210)

Fax: (626) 403-7400

Tokyo Keiki, formerly Tokimec, is a global company that produces and sells a broad range of products. The breadth of the companyís interests can be illustrated by how they have organized in the following businesses: Marine Systems, Hydraulic and Pneumatic, Fluid Measurement Equipment, Defense and Communications Equipment.

In 1963, the company was the first company to offer a commercially viable ultrasonic flowmeter. 

History and Organization

Tokyo Keiki was established in 1896 in Koishikawa, as Japanís first manufacturer of measuring instruments. In 1901, the company began producing navigational instruments. Through the years, they gradually added new products to their line-up, including gyrocompasses, aeronautical instruments, marine radar systems, ultrasonic nondestructive test equipment, medical equipment, and factory automation products. 

In 1990, the company changed its name to Tokimec but restored it to Tokyo Keiki in 2008.

Tokyo Keiki U.S.A, now a subsidiary of Tokyo Keiki Inc., was established on August 10, 1988 as Technoport U.S.A., Inc., a technical service company that administered exporting parts for Tokyo Keiki Co., Ltd. It later became Tokimec Inc. and then Tokyo Keiki U.S.A., Inc..

Tokyo Keiki U.S.A., Inc. supports Tokyo Keiki Inc. in North America and serves as the main regional distributor and contact point for the sales and support for the Marine Navigational Products, as well as the Hydraulic and Industrial Products. The subsidiary has contracted, exported, and provided consultation services and over 60 million dollars worth of products to Tokyo Keiki Inc. and to Japanese customers in the past 10 years.

A wholly owned subsidiary, Tokimec Europe BV, was established in 1991, and the Tokimec Korea Power Control Co. was established in 1999. 

The company has four production facilities in Japan (two of which have received ISO 9001 ,14000 and 9002 certification) and operate offices throughout the world to market and support specific product lines. 

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